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Drafting Table Solidworks Demo

A quick “time lapse” of each individual part in the design tree being mated together. The program I used was Solidworks 2010. This is the second real-world object I designed and created in Solidworks out of individual parts. The other normal table I designed didn’t seem intricate enough. My model was the drafting tables in my drafting high school class. Besides some screws, support brackets, and the keyboard tray I attempted, I have every detail down. The doors are more functional then the real thing, and the parallel slides. Unfortunately, I had to make the parallel wire cosmetic. Like all of my recent drawings, I incorporated my Companion Cube “signature”. This video is a little jumpy and sudden when I reorient the screen. I’m getting experienced though!

I even love watching other people do CAD. And the Companion Cubes were a nice touch!

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