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Flexible Muscle Based Locomotion for Bipedal Creatures

Computer simulations that teach themselves to walk… with sometimes unintentionally hilarious results

This is fascinating

If there is a god, why did he create oxidisation?

When people say “alloy” when they mean “aluminium alloy”

The Expert by Lauris Beinerts

Being an engineer in the corporate world

Stay safe at work


Can someone who knows about probability help me?

Can anyone help my friend out?

Hey I just wanted to ask your advice because i'm crushing on this guy who is a mechanical engineer and who I've sort of known for a while. He sort of gives me the "i like you" vibe back but I can't tell. Plus he's incredibly smart and I am just not on his level so I don't know if he thinks I'm stupid because I listen to what he says and I'm interested but I don't want him to push me into the friend zone because I'm not in his major. Also we go to the same university.


Seriously, just go get a coffee some time and tell him you think he’s cute. Try not to overthink things, because the “he’s incredibly smart and I am just not on his level" just sounds like it’s all in your head. Don’t worry and just say how you feel. We’re only people, too.

Hey there everyone.

I haven’t really posted for a while so here’s an update. I’m currently on a 12 month student placement at an automotive company, working in their quality steering department. Without going into the boring details, it’s pretty good employment and business experience and my position has good integration with the assembly line, but really the job is boring as fuck. Also, exams didn’t go well this year and I’m pretty sick of uni but oh well. Best of luck to all you people slaving away to get a career in engineering as well, we’ll get there!

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